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Pondmaster 7' x 10' Floating Pond Netting Part#02307

Pondmaster 7' x 10' Floating Pond Netting Part#02307

SKU: 025033023079

Pondmaster floating surface netting helps protect your pond from predators, debris or falling leaves. Pond netting can help cut back on maintaince by keeping your pump and pond bottom clear of sticks, leaves and other large debris. Quickly remove pond netting and simply hose off the collected debris, carefully placing it back over your ponds surface. This practice will help protect timely and messy bottom maintaince, shielding twigs and leaves from reaching your pond bottom and eventually your pump.  


  • 7' x 10' ft  Floating Pond Netting Part#02307
  • Easily cut to fit your pond or water garden
  • Pond net holes are approxiamtely 3/8 inches wide
  • Protects valuable Goldfish and Koi from cats, birds and other predators



This netting is not designed as a safety net and will not prevent children and pets from falling in.



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