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Penn Plax Aqua Nursery / Breeding Box Part# AN2

Penn Plax Aqua Nursery / Breeding Box Part# AN2

SKU: 030172240027

The Penn Plax Aqua Nursery creates a much safer environment for live bearing fish compared to the traditional box nursery.  Simple by creating a slow vacum effect using a standard air pump, newly born fry are moved from the "Maternity Section" to a separate enclosured section the "Nursery Section" of the breeding unit.  This greatly increases the survival rate of the newly born fry by decreasing the likely hood of Filial Cannibalism. (the eating of one's own offspring)


  • Gently coaxes fry away from the mother using air pump
  • Keeps baby fish safe once moved to the nursery side of the hatchery
  • Maternity Section 5" L X 3.5" W X 3.5" H
  • Nursery Section 2.5" L X 2.5" W X 3 3/4" H


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