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Aqueon QuietFlow 3i Internal Shrimp Filter Part# 100106990

Aqueon QuietFlow 3i Internal Shrimp Filter Part# 100106990

SKU: 015905069908

The Aqueon QuietFlow 3 Internal Shrimp Filter is specially designed for freshwater aquariums containing shrimp, small fish and other invertebrates. This filter includes a protective intake grid and pre-filter foam sponge that prevents livestock from entering the filter housing. Maintenance is easy, simply remove, rinse and replace the intake grid and pre-filter. Each unit is preloaded with a replaceable Aqueon carbon cartridge. For easy placement, both hanging clips and suction cups are provided; use the hanging clips for aquariums with top frames and suction cups for frameless aquariums.


  •  For use with aquariums up to 3 Gallons
  •  Includes carbon cartridge, media sponge, and additional biological filtration
  •  Easy installation, no priming needed
  •  For freshwater aquariums up to 3 Gallons
  •  Hanging clips and suction cups provide placement options
  •  Replacement cartridge size Small
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