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Aqueon PRO Herbivore Formula 4.09 oz

Aqueon PRO Herbivore Formula 4.09 oz

SKU: 015905001496

Aqueon Pro Herbivore pellets are a nutritionally balanced formula designed for your herbivorous fish.  The Wellplex formulation adds additional immune system support.  Developed around a natural diet of primarily plants and algae, this formula is completely fish meal free.  Herbivorous fish have a longer digestive system specifically designed for processing their plant matter diets.

Naturally balanced Macro and Microalgae along with Vitamin C and Vitamin E are included. 

Ideal for Tinfoil Barbs, Silver Dollars, Redtail and Rainbow Sharks, Kissing Gouramis, Buenos Aires Tetras, Florida Flag Fish, Severums and African Cichlids


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