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ViaAqua 6" LED Light Air Stone Part #LED-AS-6B

ViaAqua 6" LED Light Air Stone Part #LED-AS-6B

SKU: 006903731782

This blue LED light will add a whole new decorative look to your tank.  While providing much needed oxygen for your aquarium inhabitants. These airstones admit a healthy wall of bubbles, enhanced by the low voltage LED light.  Self-weighted, these airstones are quick and easy to install. Included are two suction cup brackets for wall mounting.



  • LED light airstone
  • 2 suction cup brackets
  • 1 wire suction cup 
  • 1 low voltage transformer and 4' feet of airline tubing.



  1. Airstones cannot be linked together
  2. Air Pump sold separately
  3. Comes in the following sizes for your application : 6" inch, 12" inch, 18" inch
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