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JBJ SP 2500 Submersible Aquarium Pump  528 GPH

JBJ SP 2500 Submersible Aquarium Pump 528 GPH

SKU: 6924781203785

This dual output pump is designed to simultaneously circulate water in two different directions It is crafted to add oxygen into the water, boost filtration and keep everything moving. This pump for your aquarium is CE approved and equipped with a three-prong grounded power cord. It features ceramic shafts for long-lasting performance, a non-corroding ABS plastic body and an energy-efficient design to help consume less energy and produce less heat.

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  • Specs / Features


    • 528 gph
    • Max head: 6.5 ft
    • 7" X 6.5" X 3"
    • 32 watts
    • Dual output: flow direction: circulates water flow in two different directions simultaneously
    • Energy-Efficient: uses less energy and produces less heat
    • Comes with suction cups, venturi, dual output and single output volutes and intake suction screen
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