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Aqueon PRO Carnivore Sinking Pellet Formula 4.5 oz

Aqueon PRO Carnivore Sinking Pellet Formula 4.5 oz

SKU: 015905001465

Aqueon Pro Carnivore pellets are a nutritionally balanced formula designed for your carnivorous fish.  The Wellplex formulation adds additional immune system support. This formula includes multiple protein sources as well as the fiber naturally found in the digestive system of their prey. Naturally balanced Macro and Microalgae along with Vitamin C and Vitamin E are included. 

Ideal for bottom-dwelling species, large South American Cichlids, Oscars, Jack Dempseys, Texas Cichlids, Managuense Cichlids, Green Terror Cichlids, Red Terror Cichlids, Red Devil Cichlids, Frontosas, Sleeper Gobies, Polypterus and Robe Fish, Large-Mouthed Catfish, Axolotls and Water Dogs.


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